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Our Care Facilities
Maheshaashram is committed to make no compromises in the quality of service provided to the abandoned, orphaned or surrendered children that are left at cradle points. We are committed to provide world-class and all possible facilities to our children. Some highlights are as follows:
  • Maheshaashram Campus:
    It was established as childcare center and offer quality child care services with spacious area. Children of different age groups have special types of requirements and demands. To pay complete attention to the nutritional, cognitive, behavioral and psychological requirements children are categorized into five groups at Maheshaashram Campus (i) infants in intensive care unit (ii) 0-6 months (iii) 6 to 18 months (iv) 1.5 to 3 years (v) 3 to 6 years.
  • Care Taker and Nursing Staff:
    In Ashram, staff of foster mothers “Maa” and a nurse take care of children 24x7, attending to all needs, nourishment including much needed love and affection to the children.
  • Zero Movement Area:
    In Maheshaashram children are kept under close protection. The area is under zero movement to ensure peaceful and hygienic environment to children. Also, this provides opportunity for caretakers and medical staff to focus their energy for positive development of children. Entire campus is under CCTV surveillance. Maheshaashram adheres to all the current legislation norms under Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA).
  • NICU Service:
    To serve the immediate medical requirement of those abandoned children who are pre-matured and/ or under-weight babies, we have established our own intensive care unit. Ashram has become first across India to start such service at destitute and abandoned childcare center. The NICU is facilitated with all the ultramodern equipment required for better care of pre-matured or under weight infants.
  • Brain Development Lab
    To nurture psychological and cognitive development and functioning in children, we established brain development lab. Here, the great potential for learning and adaptation present in children is developed through various creative and adaptive learning techniques as toys, books etc.
  • Ambulance for emergency service:
    Maheshaashram has its own ambulance to ensure that premature or other babies in need of immediate medical treatment reach hospital as quickly as possible.
  • As we are committed to provide world-class facility to children at Maheshaasram, maintain quality and supply for childcare as nutrition, hygiene, clothing etc.
  • Most of the children left at cradle point require intensive medical attention and immediately transferred to hospitals to save their life.
  • As Maheshaashram is committed for zero cost adoption, all expenditures in technical and legal proceedings are borne by Maheshaashram.
  • To maintain full time nursing staff and caretakers who are required to attend the needs of infants 24x7.