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It gives us immense pleasure and sense of fulfillment to declare that Mashesh Ashram has been able to accomplish some of the challenging tasks. A few to mention are:
  • Saved life of many children: In seven years since its establishment, in total 123 children saved (till 31-3-2015), mostly girls have been left in cradle. These children would otherwise been dumped into bushes or murdered. Additionally, mostly of these abandoned, orphaned or surrendered children have been adopted- mostly by childless, middle-class couples- not only from Rajasthan but also all over India.
  • Divya mother milk bank providing human mother milk to neonate and infants of Maheshaashra for there better development.
  • Three children of Maheshaashramreceived Cochlear Implant: The children aged between 2 to 2 ½ years old had hearing impairment since birth. These children received Cochlear Implant surgery at Pacific Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) on November 9, 2014 by renowned surgeons.
  • Successful adoption of children with special needs: We have been successful to counsel and motivate couples to adopt children with special needs. It is the first case in Rajasthan where a disabled baby was adopted. There are more disabled babies in Maheshaashram who are waiting to be adopted. We definitely encourage others to come forward and become the savior of these children.
  • Short film “Pheko Mat, Hume Do” (Don’t throw, give us): To spread awareness regarding the increasing number of incidents where newborn babies are left abandoned, a social organization Maheshaashram in association with Start Ad Media Pvt. Ltd launched a short film “Pheko Mat, Hume Do” (Don’t throw, give us).