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We believe that all children, especially girls, have the right to a healthy, happy & fulfilling life. And this is possible if we have courage, determination & dedication towards humanity.
We aim to work hard so to see every child grow in a secured environment & is able to survive & fight for all rights to equality.So that in future, we can discourage the practice of female foeticides in the country & an acceptance can be created that a woman is neither helpless nor weak.She is an epitome of power, not a burden.
A family, a society, a country & the whole world can only grow & prosper with the presence of a woman as she shapes & moulds everyone around her. She is a form of energy & spirituality with which we also worship our various Goddesses.

By spreading our message

“Don’t Dump, Give Us”,
we wish to expand the scope of our activities & approach as many infants as we can by providing all-round facilities. We support them with a holistic upbringing along with our over-all development initiatives regionally & nationwide; hence helping them to blend & enhance their bond with the society & the nation.